• The Egg from Eggboards. A mini skateboard that rides like a longboard


    Mini Longboard Skateboards

  • STABLE like a longboard, more PORTABLE than a skateboard

    Eggboards are small skateboards designed to ride like longboards. Smaller than regular cruisers, short as penny boards but at the same time more stable and solid. Big soft wheels are great for bumpy streets and large trucks ensure smooth rides. Ideal to skate through campus, commute around the city or have a chill ride by the beach.​

    A girl rides on her eggboard cruiser on the beach boardwalk in Venice Beach California


    A great way to zip through destinations with smooth longboard-like rides. Ideal for commuting around.

    Eggboards ride also over uneven terrains thanks to large soft longboard wheels

    Goes Over Bumpy Roads

    Don't worry anymore about rough roads and cracks in the pavement. Big soft wheels provide more stability also on uneven surfaces.

    Eggboards can fit behind a backpack, inside a locker at campus or under your desk at the office

    Backpack Sized

    It can fit in your backpack, in your locker or under your desk. It's the most compact and portable longboard.

    Eggboards are small cruiser skateboards easy to carry around with you

    Light and Compact

    Designed to be easy to carry around. Switch quickly from riding to walking when passing over obstacles and crowded areas.

  • Eggboards Videos

    Eggboards Launch Teaser

    48 sec

    Eggboards Unboxing

    12 min

    Carving with Eggboards

    16 sec

    Ronnie Sarmiento Doing Tricks

    8 min

    First rides with an Eggboard

    42 sec

  • A guy skateboards to work in the morning with his Eggboard

    Portable and Fast to Move Around

    • Get quickly from A to B with smooth and fast rides
    • Bring it with you on the bus, the train or any public transportation. With only 19 inches it's more compact than any other skateboard
    • Switch from riding to walking in a moment when crossing areas too crowded: it's small and light to carry
    • Enjoy long rides before you need to kick with your foot again thanks to ABEC-9 longboard quality bearings
    A student goes to school with her eggboard

    Perfect for School and Campus​

    • Quickly glide through classes on campus
    • Carry it around easily, it's a compact light board 
    • Stick it to behind your backpack when walking around
    • Keep it in your locker at school or under your desk
    This champion is already shredding with his eggboard!

    Stable and Easy for Beginners

      ...of any age!

      • Feel comfortable in finding the best position for your feet, our deck is short but wider than most skateboards
      • Ride smoothly thanks to large soft wheels that absorb the shocks of skating on uneven surfaces
      • Feel the stability of super large trucks helping you understand how to balance your weight on the board
      • Ideal for kids taking their first steps into skateboarding because... it's not even that small for them!
      Our partners One Tree Planted will plant one tree for each skategboard sold

      Nature Friendly

        Bamboo is awesome!

        Eggboards are made of durable bamboo wood able to carry riders up to 250 lb. The good news is that bamboo is also sustainable because it grows like crazy!! Help the environment and choose a bamboo skateboard... an eggboard perhaps?

      • Eggboard was born after several iterations cutting bamboo wood into a skateboard deck that supports longboard wheels

        Our Story

        The idea for Eggboards came out when Paolo (the founder) was moving to California. His longboard didn't fit in his suitcase, so he unmounted trucks and wheels to bring them with him. Once in California, he designed a skateboard deck wide enough to use his longboard trucks, but also small and light to carry around.​

      • Eggboards are small as penny skateboards but more stable and smooth to ride

        What are Eggboards?

        Cruisers, Longboards, or Penny Boards?

        Eggboards are a unique hybrid between longboards and mini cruisers. They are as short as Penny skateboards but twice as wide to ensure great stability and maneuverability thanks to their 7 inches wide trucks. The skateboard deck is made of robust bamboo wood. The 69MM wheels will save your life when longboarding on bumpy streets.

      • Why people love Eggboards

        • PORTABLE: it's just the smallest longboard around! 19 inch skateboard deck fits everywhere (backpacks, lockers, public transportation, etc.) while still riding like longboards
        • SMOOTH: 7 inch skateboards trucks usually mounted on longboards skateboard provide a smooth and chill ride making it an ideal kids skateboard. Probably the smoothest of all skateboards :)
        • STABLE: soft longboard skateboard wheels make this compact longboards solid and sturdy. Perfect skateboards for beginners
        • CRUISER SKATEBOARD: these skateboards are not made so much for tricks and hollies, but rather to move around fast and stable like on longboards. They are good longboards for girls going to school as well as young professionals going to the office
        • BEGINNER SKATEBOARD: the advantage of longboards skateboard is that they are stable but light and maneuverable at the same time. Recommended longboard for beginners, being a bamboo skateboard add more stability thanks to the super hard wood

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