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    1 min Review - Austin Black

    Austin takes his Eggboard to Dallas for a test ride and share his experience.

    1 min Review - Ronnie Sarmiento

    Ronnie takes the Eggboard for a test ride and also lands a number of tricks on it!!!

    1 min Review - Joel Beukelman

    Joel takes the Eggboard on a flight and on his commute to the Google office.

  • Customer Reviews

    Undersized and Overpowered


    Jake - October 31, 2018


    I'm a student at UCSB, and I skate 2 miles each way to class.
    I normally stay faithful to my landyachtz bamboo pintail longboard, but midterm stress and compulsive internet shopping led me to where you are now, reading the comments on this funky little board to see if it actually rips, or if it rips you off.... I thought there was no way I would spend over $50 per foot of board, but after seeing the comments and some videos, I had to order it just to see it. I planned to kick it around inside, and send it right back, because I didn't believe that this board would be rideable, let alone fast.

    And then I rode the board. This board rips. ... Read full review on Amazon


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