• Eggboards Technical Details

  • technical skateboard specification of eggboard mini longboard cruiser model
  • The Egg from Eggboards. Technical details: Length: 19'' | Width: 9'' | Thickness: 0.5'' | Weight: 6 lbs. 69MM x 55MM 76A wheels. Bamboo wood



    Skateboard Cruiser Deck

    Length: 19'' | Width: 9'' | Thickness: 0.5'' | Weight: 6 lbs


    Wood Material

    4 plies of cold pressed Bamboo Wood


    Soft Big Wheels

    69MM x 55MM 76A wheels. 12'' wheelbase.


    Large ManeuverableTrucks

    Aluminium Reverse Kingpin 7''


    Smooth Bearings

    ABEC-9 fast longboard bearings

  • Why Eggboards Are Different Than Other Cruisers

    Eggboards are a unique hybrid between longboards and mini cruisers. They are as short as Penny skateboards but twice as wide to ensure great stability and maneuverability thanks to their 7 inches wide trucks. The skateboard deck is made of super strong bamboo wood. The 69MM wheels will save your life when longboarding on sidewalks or rough and bumpy streets. If you tried other cruisers before you should totally take a test ride to feel the difference... and have some fun.


    Fun for all Experience Levels

    Eggboards deck is short and wide. This allows experienced riders get speed by pumping and carving but also helps first-time skaters find their ideal balance


    Large Trucks + Short Deck

    Longboard trucks are usually mounted on decks from 38'' to 42'' long. Eggboards deck are 19'' meaning that it can turn super sharply to dodge any obstacle


    Giant Wheels + Performance Bearings

    Eggboards mount 69MM wheels and ABEC-9 bearings. This means that they can keep going for a long time before you need to kick with your foot again

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